Carmin Karasic
The Lost Ones
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"For the passion to search is such that no place may be left unsearched."
The Lost Ones installation explores compulsive searching and routine as human nature. Children develop routines and ask, "Why?" We tend to seek and/or find meaning in our lives and the world around us. We follow passion, step-by-step moving closer to our goal; seeking self-improvement, spiritual clues, self-expression, self-discovery...

Proposal Summary

carmin_disk.jpg (22799 bytes) This immersive installation and VRML work is based on Samuel Beckett's hellish short story by the same name. The Lost Ones are ruled by simple rhythmic patterns to the point of absurdity. Beckett repeats the story 3 times, each time adding a little more detail. His sparse settings are echoed through 3 concentric interpretations expanding outward from a virtual reality world on a monitor at the center of the installation; surrounded by a Lost Ones model in realspace, and enclosed in a walk-in cylinder walled with imagery from the central cyberspace scene and shadows of the realspace model. One becomes yet another Lost One within the cylinder.
carmin_down.jpg (20515 bytes) Quoting the book cover:

"A brief, compressed work written in the sparest of prose filled with a wealth of subtle allusion. Beckett distills the human experience into the barest essentials; this time he tells of a universe of lost bodies roaming the niches and crevices inside a flattened cylinder 50 meters round and 18 meters high."

carmin_circle.jpg (16667 bytes) 200 blue figures create a teeming precinct, positioned to represent the Lost Ones always searching, continuously revolving around the center of the cylinder. Soft music is mixed with voices from all over the world, whispering phrases inspired by Beckett’s text, including, "No place may be left unsearched". The model includes tattered "ladders of varying lengths, with half the rungs missing, without regard to harmony". In the story, the ladders lead to chambers of various sizes, arranged randomly in the top half of the cylinder wall. The model echoes the VRML world on the monitor screen in the center, where 'searching' blue figures and ladders are displayed continuously.
carmin_split.jpg (21322 bytes) Inspiration and Concept Development: Ricardo Dominguez and Diane Ludin

Installation Credit:
Lighting circuitry: Dave Karasic
Audio mixing: Mario Taddeo
Blue figures: Dave Karasic, Adrianne Woods, Geoffrey Karasic, Leedah Karasic
Voices: Rolf van Gelder, Takuji Kogo, Andrzej Cieplak, Praxedis Mayr von Baldegg, Kari Anne Kjolaas, Phi Nguyen, Daniel Ganin, Neal Karasic, Aisha Sagna, Firdous Moin, Hind A. Eid, Alberto Roblest, Carmin Karasic

carmin_marching_vrml.jpg (16992 bytes) Additional assistance: Remo Campopiano, Christine MacDonald, Robert Kieronski, Attleboro Museum staff

Additional Support:
Texas Instruments and Sony Corporation

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