S. Carmin Karasic
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Professional Summary:
  • Over 20 years software industry experience
  • Professional multimedia artist
  • University faculty member
  • Information Architecture Consultant
  • Website development
  • Software Quality Engineer on product development teams
  • Project management from concept to implementation using structured methodologies
  • Managed staff of 4 to 20 programmers for Human Resources and Financial Systems
Past Work Efforts Include:
  • Information Architecture and Usability Analysis for iXL
  • Quality Engineering for Lotus Notes, Notes ViP, Instinctive, and iXL product development
  • Designing and creating websites and user interfaces
  • Project management for hypertext application development
  • Freelance digital art for websites and magazine illustration
  • Financial and Administrative Systems application development manager
  • Managing client / server system corporate rollouts
  • Analyzing, designing, programming and supervising implementation of mission critical application development projects
  • Teaching in both corporate and academic environments. Teaching online graduate level university courses.

Professional Experience:

Sept. 2000 to
Pixelyze/CAGE, Boston, MA, USA and Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Multimedia Artist and Website Developer
  • Multimedia art commissions and freelance work
  • Freelance Web Applications Information Architect
  • Freelance website developer for organizations in the US and The Netherlands
    Clients include: Boston Cyberarts, Inc., WGBH.org, CAGE(NL), Cambridge Arts Council, Dagblad (syndicated Dutch newspaper), madeupthemovie.com, John Thompson (father of Macromedia Director's Lingo scripting language).
  • Webart / Website Design and Development workshop instructor
    Clients include: Art Institute of Boston, MIT, Cambridge Center for Adult Ed., Roxbury Consortium
Sept. 2001 to
Boston Cyberarts Inc., Jamaica Plain, MA
Assistant Director
  • Responsibilities include managing the Boston Cyberarts Website, assisting the director in business plans and promotional events.
June 2005 to

Lesley University, Cambridge, MA
Adjunct Faculty, Technology in Education Master's Program

  • Responsibilities include developing and teaching online courses: Emerging Technology, Making the Most of the Technologies You Have, Bridging Technology Gaps.
Jan. 2002 to
June 2006
Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA
Core Faculty, New Media
  • Responsibilities include helping to develop the New Media curriculum and teaching computer related Fine Art: Exploring New Genres, The Web as an Art Form, Dreamweaver, HTML, Photoshop, Digital Media.
Sept. 1999 to
Sept. 2000
iXL, Cambridge MA
Senior Information Architect
  • Analyze, define and design website content and functionality that comprise an effect user experience.
    Collaborate with creative, engineering, strategy, and client teams to address website objectives and usability issues from the target audience’s perspective.
Jan. 1997 to
Sept. 1999
Pixelyze, Quincy, MA
Digital Artist and Software Engineer
  • Freelance Information Architect and Software Quality Engineer for iXL
  • User Interface Design Consultant for Panja.
  • Freelance web development for HumanLogic
  • Freelance digital artwork and web development for Lebanon.com.
  • Web development, multimedia artwork
  • Boston CyberArts: web dev team leader, virtual gallery director, and steering committee member.
    Our Cyberarts Festival was a major Arts and Technology event in May 1999.
  • Software Quality Consultant on Instinctive Technology's product development team. (2/97 - 10/97)
  • Technical assistance on PORT: Navigating Digital Culture at MIT List Visual Arts Center.
    Responsible for CU-Seeme reflector setup, Windows 95 support, etc., and any internet software used by participating artists worldwide. (1/97 - 3/97)
  • Technical team member of artnetweb, New York City. (1/97 – 9/98)
  • The Thing mag review writer for e-zine.
  • Various art exhibitions, performances and speaking engagement. Details upon request.
Oct. 1996 to
Jan. 1997
DoWhile Studio, Boston, MA
Artist in Residence
  • Worked with several digital art tools such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Director, Ray Dream Designer, Quark Express, Sound Edit 16, Adobe Premier, and SGI Showcase.
  • Concentrated study in alternative user interface design, in particular non-linear navigation.
  • Created a web presentation for displaying and obtaining feedback on my digital images.
  • Created and presented a multimedia, animation project.
Aug. 1995 to
Sept. 1996
Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA
New Boston Contract Software Quality Engineer for Lotus Notes V4 team
  • Responsible for Lotus Notes Import / Export, Attachments, and Graphics product quality engineering; including test design, execution, assistance in problem resolution, and managing development process with third party vendors. Responsible for these feature areas on 7 platforms, i.e. all supported platforms except UNIX
Sept. 1994 to
Aug. 1995
Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA
Systems Development Project Manager
  • Managed the Lotus Notes implementation project for the Benefits Center, a 100+ member startup organization; included hardware/software installation and application development.
  • Managed systems development team for an integrated, hypertext benefits information application.
    Includes project planning, system analysis and vendor selection.
  • Systems analyst on retirement modeling application development team.
  • Produced several project presentations.
  • Learned about workflow processing, SGML, and rapid application development via prototyping.
Nov. 1993 to
Aug. 1994
Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA
Senior Software Engineer on Notes ViP product development team
  • Quality engineering group leader for ViP report testing.
  • Responsible for ensuring ViP met Lotus' international quality specifications.
  • Responsible for ViP report engine testing; included test design, execution and assistance in problem resolution.
Oct. 1991 to
Nov. 1993
Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA
IS Application Development Manager for Administrative and Financial Systems
  • Responsible for hiring, developing and retaining application programmers and contract programmers.
    Includes setting goals, performance appraisals and salary review.
  • Managed ongoing IS support and development for the Financial Operations and Financial Analysis systems: M&D G/L, Computron A/P, Maxcim F/A, Topaz Corp. Purchasing, and MicroControl Financial Analysis.
  • Managed ongoing ISS support and development for PeopleSoft Human Resources and Corporate Services, and VAX Payroll systems.
  • Managed Corporate Services' system conversion from VAX Ingres to PC Client/server using PeopleSoft/SQLServer and Lotus Notes.
  • Managed PeopleSoft System Upgrade, both software and hardware: 6 PC servers, SQLServer, OS/2, Lan Manager and Novell, Pathworks, CHRON and PeopleSoft.
  • Developed and maintained annual budget, project plan and 3 year technical plan.
  • Produced technical presentations and demonstrations.
  • Promoted from managing 6 people to managing 14 people within two years.
  • Designed and facilitated many of Lotus' diversity awareness workshops.
  • Training: RDBMS Physical and Logical Design, Manager Development
Nov. 1988 to
Oct. 1991
Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA
Senior Systems Analyst
  • Project manager for ongoing ISS support and enhancements for the Tolas Distribution system.
  • Developed business knowledge of Lotus' distribution process and of the Tolas warehouse processing system.
  • As a business analyst, contributed to the selection process of a new order management and distribution system. Then played lead roles in determination of enhancements, interfaces and data conversions for the Tolas system, as well as defining Tolas software solutions to Lotus business needs.
  • Managed GSI Transcomm's offsite programming efforts for the Tolas distribution project. Also made program modifications in VAX BASIC for Cost Accounting module and in COBOL for FutureTech interfaces.
  • Defined development and testing procedures for Tolas Distribution project. Includes: designing and documenting procedures, training, enforcing, project tracking and altering procedures. Also includes contributions to data set up and environment design.
  • Managed installation and upgrade of one a Novell LANs. Served as backup LAN manager.
  • Successfully managed a difficult internship for an INROADS college junior.
  • Extensive training includes: Tolas system, project management, presentation skills, structured data analysis.
  • Lotus product courses: Notes, 123, Ami Pro.
Sept. 1985 to
Oct. 1988
Polaroid Corporation, Needham, MA
Information Systems Analyst
  • Project manager for automating and interfacing Polaroid's Copy Service billing system (JCL/COBOL).
    Included IBM PC to IBM 370 data transfer via Linkware and design and development for a PC FOCUS order entry and reporting system.
  • Project manager for conversion of FORTRAN Freight Consolidation System from PDP 11/70 RSX to VAX VMS.
  • Researched implementation of Bar Codes in Polaroid's distribution warehouse.
  • Worked extensively interviewing user community to describe expectations and requirements. Defined functional specifications for various interactive systems. Also developed and/or enhanced various applications.
May 1984 to
Sept. 1985
Independent Consultant
  • Taught individualized programming for IBM PCs. Taught mathematics at Suffolk University. Taught IBM PC BASIC at CPI Woburn.
  • Created user friendly Mercury Metal Shipments Entry/Reporting software package for the IBM PC.
    Created user friendly Foundry Order Entry and Report software package for the IBM PC. Animated logo for TIMEPLACE IBM PC software.
Sept. 1981 to
Oct. 1983
Teradyne, Inc., Boston, MA
Programmer Analyst
  • Developed and maintained IIS manufacturing inventory control software. Provided 24 hour technical support for both users and operators.
  • Wrote both user and operator documentation for using this software.
  • Taught VAX operators course to operators and managers.
  • Completed extensive MRP training and maintained automated MRP software.
July 1979 to
Aug. 1981
Independent Consultant
  • Taught Intro to BASIC at Suffolk University. Guest lectured on PASCAL and PRIMOS at Wesleyan University.
  • Designed and implemented software for population study for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Completed various PC programming contracts.
May 1979 to
June 1981
Suffolk University, Boston, MA
Computer Assistants Supervisor
  • Created the Math and Computer Science tutoring program.
  • Assisted students and faculty with programming and use of terminals and PCs.
  • Taught Intro to PRIME Assembly at Suffolk U.
  • Developed software for various departments.
References Furnished Upon Request